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Born in Tongyeong the Republic of Korea in 1957

1992-95 Studied in La Grande Chaumiere, France

Member of Korea Fine Arts Association  

Director of SAAM Gyeongnam Branch

Member of Line and Color  

Currently, Director of The Jeon Hyuck Lim Museum of Art since 2003

Painter Yeong Geun Jeon spent most of childhood and youth days being surrounded by numerous works of great artist Hyuck Lim Jeon, his father. In this regard, it is very natural that Yeong Geun Jeon has become a painter like his father. Historically and practically, most sons of a great father have not in the spotlight under the shadow of their father. In contrast, Yeong Geun Jeon has made great achievements as a painter since he has already established his own dominion of art. Of course, he resembles his father in that both of them have kept at a distance from the central painting circles and never indulged in temporary vogues. His initial works simplify all objects on a canvas while recent ones use brilliant colors to describe Korean traditional patterns in his unique manner and various episodes experienced in his early days. In particular, ‘a magic box’ created in 2006 by Yeong Geun Jeon’s is characterized by its profound philosophy as well as its unique colors, composition and suggestive meanings, all of which have been never attested in any other works of his. Jeon’s gorgeous works are more than a good reason why everybody in the world will surely keep an eye on his future career.

1985   One of three young artists selected for exhibition (Tongyeong Goryeo Gallery)

1989   Independent Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)

1992   Accepted for the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)

1993   Accepted for the Grand Art Exhibition of Korea (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)

1993   Jeon Young Geun's Art Exhibition (Tongyeong Goryeo Gallery, Seoul Baeksong Gallery)

1994   Korea Fine Arts Association Membership Exhibition (Exhibit Hall of Arts Council Korea)

1994 - 1996   Korea-Japan Artists Exchange Exhibition (Seoul, Masan, Japan)

1995   Modern Art Search Exhibition (US New Jersey Koart Gallery)

1995   Choryu Art Invitation Exhibition (Tokyo Fine Art Center, Japan)

1996   100 Modern Artists Exhibition (Seoul Johyung Gallery)

1996   Joint Exhibition with Seo Yu Seung - Seoul Johyung Gallery, Busan Tower Gallery)

1996   Sayama Invitation Exhibition in Japan (Sayama Municipal Art Centre)

1997   Modern Art Color Expression Exhibition (Seoul Johyung Gallery)

1997- 2004  Special Artist Association Membership (SAAM) Exhibition, 1997-2004

1997   100 Korean Artists' Cultural Articles Proposal Exhibition (Seoul Sun Gallery)


         200 Korean Artists' Articles Invitation Exhibition (Seoul Sun Gallery)

1998   SAAM Gyeongnam Branch Establishment Exhibition (Masan Dongseo Gallery)

1998   Jeon Young Geun's Illustrated Poems Exhibition (Tongyeong Ssanpan Restaurant)

1999   SAAM Foundation Exhibition (Seoul Museum of Art)

1999   SAAM Gyeongnam Tour Exhibition (Residents' Hall of Gyeongnam Provincial Office)

1999   Jeon Young Geun's Invitation Exhibition (Songha Gallery)

1999   By Invitation, Joint Exhibition with Lee Myeong Rim - Seoul Iaan Gallery

1999   Articles Exhibition (Gallery Sang, Seoul)

2000   Invited to UNESCO is Miro Museum, France and participated in Korean Color Mystery Exhibition

2000   Gallery Art Festival (Art Gallery of Seoul Arts Center)

2000   1st Busan International Art Fair (Exhibit Hall of Busan Cultural Center)


         1st-3rd Tongyeong Illustrated Poems Exhibition (Cheongma Literature Center, Tongyeong)

2002   Jeon Young Geun's Invitation Exhibition (Exhibit Hall of Smile Dental Clinic, Tongyeong)

2003   Invited to National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea and participated in Discovery Gallery

2004   4th Tongyeong Illustrated Poems Exhibition (The Jeon Hyuck Lim museum of Art)

2005   Line and Color Members' Exhibition (1995~2005)

2006   Jeon Young Geun's private Exhibition (The Jeon Hyuck Lim museum of Art)


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